Hana Mari Mäkinen

Animal Communicator & End of Life/Grief Educator


Hana Mäkinen is a Finnish born, Canadian who is a Certified Animal Communicator and End of Life & Grief Educator that works remotely from her home in Canada.  With a degree in Psychology and 25 years of experience in natural health and healing, she also trained through the Gurney Institute of Animal

Communication, with David Kessler in Grief Education.  As a certified Grief Educator, she is committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience and insights into the often-unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief.

The focus of Hana’s practice is to help people navigate through their animal’s end of life journey.  This includes all animals of all species.  By communicating with and sharing the wishes of the animal, you gain insight and have guidance during these very emotional times.  Her approach is respectful, compassionate, supportive and unbiased, in a manner that brings a sense of peace and understanding to you, your family and your animal companion.  She helps you understand your beloved animal’s needs and perspective during this natural life transition by creating a sacred space for you and your animal.  This space allows for a greater sense of presence not only for your beloved animal, but also with yourself.  Your emotions become your personal guide to help you navigate this very sacred passage with your animal.  Their end-of-life journey opens you up to the possibility of seeing the hidden gems and gifts they have brought to your relationship over the years and to better understand the purpose and meaning of your time together.

Your Guide to Connecting With Your Pet in The Afterlife

Hana’s skills bring a much-needed awareness to the importance of acknowledging the gravity of pet loss and bereavement.  Nurturing people who feel overwhelmed with a sense of fear, grief and sadness to helping them find a sense of peace and acceptance in this natural process we call “end of life”.

Hana has assisted Dr. Donna with the aging issues of her own pets and we are confident will provide to you the added support you need as you walk your beloved pet down their path.  She offers a 15 minute free discovery call during which you can decide if her services resonate with you. We hope you visit her website to learn more.

Additionally, Hana has created a guide to help you connect with your pets in the afterlife called Your Guide to Connecting With Your Pet in The Afterlife“.