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Meet Our Team

Donna Craig DVM

Donna Clifton Craig is not exactly a native of anywhere, having lived in over 10 US states and traveled extensively during her Navy days. She does however claim roots in Florida and is a diehard Florida Gator fan no matter where she may be.   She has always had a strong connection to animals since a child, and the interest in the weirder pets started with an iguana when she was about 12 years old. From there any animal in need of attention was deserving of her care. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian, but ended up taking the more scenic route of getting to that achievement.

She started her college education at University of Florida where she was in the Gator Band, but then transitioned to Santa Fe Community College, also in Gainesville to earn a degree in Biological Parks Technology (Zookeeping). There she developed an interest in herpetology. She volunteered at a facility that raised and bred mostly African vipers for venom collection and also gained immense experience handling all kinds of reptiles and amphibians. From there she worked in Tyler, TX for awhile as a reptile keeper before finally deciding to join the U.S.Navy. Her time in the Navy landed her in the Indian Ocean on the Island of Diego Garcia, where she was able to feed her interest in herpetology by studying the native fauna of the island under sponsorship of the Smithsonian Institution and British Museum. Once she was discharged from the Navy, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology at University of California, Santa Barbara and then shortly after entered Veterinary School at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.

Since becoming a veterinarian in 2002, Donna has lived/worked in Portland, OR, Tampa, FL, Morganton, NC (where she and her husband Dale established Outback Mobile Veterinary Service) and finally relocated to Melbourne, FL in June of 2012.  Donna has worked with several central Florida veterinary practices since relocating in 2012, but as of July 2014, Outback Mobile Veterinary Service was expanded to a full-time operation.   Donna and Dale currently own 2 dogs (Maya and Hobo), 4 cats (Cardamom, Eiryk, Godric and Charlie), several African Spurred Tortoises and an Umbrella Cockatoo (Itzy). 

Dale A. Craig CSM, CVT, RVT, ACEqDP

Dale Craig, is a native of Australia, but holds dual citizenship in the U.S.   He is the meaning behind the name Outback Mobile Veterinary Service, as once a client has met Dale, he is a hard one to forget. His wit, charm and irresistible accent can get him nearly anything he puts his mind to.  He is truly the cogs behind this operation as without his mechanical and imaginative skills, all the little problems that arise in a mobile van simply would not get fixed.  Dale comes to the US with an impressive background from the Australian Army, where he served in Special Forces and worked extensively with the US Navy in the 1990’s.  Dale met Donna in 2002 in Portland, Oregon while studying with the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Idaho and perfecting his skills as an equine dentist.  They married in 2003 and not long after relocated sequentially to Brandon, FL, Morganton, NC and now to Melbourne, FL.  While living in Morganton, NC, Dale earned his degree as a certified Veterinary Technician and has worked with practices in North Carolina and Florida. 

Dale currently works as an Animal Enforcement Officer with the Brevard County Sheriff, but helps Donna when able.

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