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Fees and Payment Options

Fees and Payment Options

•    We currently accept cash, checks (with presentation of driver’s license) and major credit cards.
•    Payment is due when services are rendered.
•    We do not offer payment plans.

House Call/Trip Fee (mileage based) :  $70 to $120 in Brevard County

While we don’t have the traditional expenses of maintaining a building and large staff, our cost in coming to you is time.  At a normal brick and mortar practice a vet will generally see 4 to 6 patients in an hour (up to 40 per day) and have a staff to handle all of the peripheral duties keeping records updated, scheduling appointments and such.  On a busy day we will visit 5 to 6 homes and see usually no more than 7 or 8 pets.  And Dr. Craig often works alone or with one technician.  This house call fee helps to cover maintenance expenses with our vehicles and cover the “down time” spent traveling in between appointments.   And with the ever-fluctuating cost of fuel and insurance, these costs also factor into our house call fee.  Without such fees, providing a mobile veterinary service would be impossible.

This and other fees are subject to change without notice.

Exam fees

Vaccination and/or Wellness Exam (well pets only): $30 for the first pet, $25 thereafter

Litter exams are also available, please inquire specifically.

Comprehensive and Minor Medical Exams and Consultation:  $55 (dog and cat)

This involves a more extensive exam when there are medical issues or concerns that need to be addressed. If your pet is geriatric/elderly this more thorough exam helps us to make recommendations on care that may significantly benefit your pet.  Please understand that some pets may not allow a thorough exam due to individual temperament, so we do the best job possible in assessing all we can.  If a pet will not allow this, we may need to spend more time discussing concerns in order to make recommendations for their care.

Vaccination fees (see “Dog/Cat Vaccination Recommendations”)

DHPP/DAPP (Distemper/Parvo): $20
DHPP/DAPP with Lepto: $30
Leptospirosis (alone): $20
Bordatella (Kennel cough): $20
Canine Influenza (CIV): Inquire
Rabies 1 or 3 year: $17
Biohazard Fee per pet: $2

FVRCP (Distemper): $20
FeLV (Feline Leukemia): $25
Rabies 1 or 3 year: $17
Biohazard Fee per pet: $2

Lab Testing fees: 
Heartworm Only: $25
HW/Ehrlicha/Lyme/Anaplasma: $35
FeLV/FIV: $40
Additional Lab Tests please inquire as they vary.

Treatment fees vary with the specific service.

Senior Wellness Fees:

The initial visit for animals that have entered the geriatric phase of life includes the call out fee (mileage based) and a comprehensive exam fee ($55).  

Hospice Care Fees:

The initial hospice care evaluation will include a house call fee (mileage based) and initial comprehensive examination fee ($55) and any treatments or medications dispensed.   After the initial visit, fees may be adjusted based on individual needs and services provided.  In some cases we may be able to utilize home visits with our technicians for ongoing care needs or we may be able to monitor the patient with brief emails or phone calls.  We will do our best to provide estimated costs as needs change.  If email or phone call exchanges become lengthy, fees may be incurred.

Euthanasia Associated Fees:

House call Fee: $70 to $120 (mileage based) within Brevard County

Often we are contacted when the decision to euthanize has already been made with the help of another practice or due to a sudden event rendering euthanasia as the best option for the pet.  In general we do not charge an additional exam fee (unless hospice care is elected) for this service.  In general, we will not perform euthanasias after dark for security reasons.  If Dr. Craig is able to secure technical assistance after dark, we do reserve the right to charge an after-hours fee.

After-hours Fee: $50
Because Dr. Craig is the only veterinarian associated with Outback Mobile Veterinary Service at this time, she often has requests for visits 7 days per week.  While we try to be as accommodating as possible for the needs of pets, down time is also needed.  So appointments in the late evening on weekends will incur and after-hours fee.  We appreciate your understanding.

Euthanasia Fee:  This is weight based, so having a recent weight of the pet will help us to determine the cost and provide an estimate. The range for this fee is $60 (pocket pet) to $250 (horse).  In some cases we may need to weigh the pet upon arrival, but may estimate the weight if doing such would cause discomfort to the pet.  

Cremation Fees (Services Provided by The Pet Loss Center):

Delivery of Remains to Crematorium: $30 – 40 (mileage based)

In general we usually have owners pick up ashes from The Pet Loss Center once you have been notified that they are ready.  This allows you the opportunity to view the facility and have reassurance that your pet was privately cremated. Also, The Pet Loss Center offers many ways to memorialize your pet which you may be interested in purchasing and in the event of family members having difficulty with the loss of their pet, there are grief counseling resources that can be offered.  If, however you prefer we can return the ashes to you for a fee to cover our mileage costs.  Please be sure to let us know your preference.

Communal Cremation (without return of ashes):      
All sizes: $95

Private Cremation (with return of ashes):
Pocket Pet (0 – 2 lbs): $80
Small (3- 20 lbs): $160
Medium (21-50 lbs): $180
Large (51-100 lbs): $200
X-Large (101-200lbs)*: $250

*Additional $1 for each pound over 200lbs

The standard urn provided with all private cremations, at no additional charge, is a “Transitional Urn”. We are happy to show you a picture of this choice.  If you are interested in a simple Rosewood carved urn, there is an additional $10 fee.  For other urn options, please visit www.thepetlosscenter.com/melbourne-florida.  Additional items such as plaques, memorials and jewelry are also available.  

Office Hours (Alternate Appointments Hours Available Upon)

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